A Little Thanks


I didn’t write a blog post last week. I spent most of my week feeling like I was being pulled in approximately a billion different directions.

Six directions rounds up to approximately a billion.

Six directions rounds up to approximately a billion.

During my ‘down time,’ I was running basketball practice, walking the dog, or engaging in a number of coping strategies, sometimes simultaneously.

drawing 2

Drawing size of coping strategy does not correspond to frequency of use.

I felt preoccupied as I left the house on Thursday morning. I was heading to a meeting with administrators and our district attorney to prepare for a meeting with a litigious family on Friday. As I tossed my bag in the car, I should have noticed the warning signs of dim overhead lights right away.

However, it took a turn of the key to realize the truth: This car wasn’t going anywhere. Later, AAA would tow the car to a shop, where mechanics would confirm my real bad suspicions.

drawing 3

Luckily, my father was available to Uber me to work on Thursday and Friday. This led to exciting conversations about game theory in economics and sports en route to school, a welcome distraction from fretting about meetings.


The meeting on Friday was a long one—3.5 hours—and much of the time I felt like my integrity and competency as a special educator was being targeted. I did my best to maintain calm, speak factually, refer to data, and keep in mind that the lawyer was just doing his job like I was trying to do mine. Our district team was supportive and (for the most part) united, and this was very helpful.

It was exhausting. We gave a little, and we got a little. Like is often true when lawyers get involved in education, much money was spent for questionable gain.

After the meeting, I heard from several higher-ups that I handled myself well. Their kind words of thanks and appreciation were enough to make much of the strife from the whole ordeal melt away.

It’s funny how much a kind comment or a note of appreciation can help when you are going through a struggle, professionally or otherwise. And what an appropriate time of year to notice it!

In the days and weeks ahead, I am going to put forth extra effort to let students and colleagues know when I appreciate them. This week was a reminder of how far a little ‘thanks’ can go.

That wasn’t all I needed after this week, though. A few days off for the holiday will go a long way!

drawing 4


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