Top 10 Oscar Moments 2016


Happy Oscars! Whether you watched last night or you went to bed early, everyone is buzzing about the Academy Awards today. Our students shouldn’t be left out of the fun! Be aware that this activity is most appropriate for high school-aged students and older. There are some sensitive topics, like racism and sexual assault.

Use the embedded Playlist to follow along with some of the top moments of this year’s show and record answers on the downloadable worksheets (click below). One weird thing… The movie ‘Spotlight’ is listed as a ‘Who.’ Just don’t tell your SLP and we will be fine.

Download the worksheet here: Oscars 2016

And enjoy the corresponding videos below:



Top Ten Oscar Moments of 2015 – An Activity to Practice Wh- Questions


I try to keep my students connected with world that their peers experience. The typical high school world, not the world of Blues Clues, Little Bear, and Teletubbies. And, what is everyone else talking about today at work, school, etc.?

The Oscars!

I created an activity using Boardmaker Studio to relive (or see for the first time, if you are the average student in my class) the top 10 moments from the Oscars. You can download the activity for FREE from here: .

Oscars templateOscars choices

The links for the videos/sites to use are here:

  1. Lady Gaga sings Sound of Music:
  2. NPH, Jack Black, Anna Kendrick opening monologue :
  3. Patricia Arquette, equal rights for women:
  4. Alejandro Gonzalez wins Oscar for best picture, Birdman:
  5. John Travolta needs to keep hands to self:
  6. John Legend and Common sing song from Selma:
  7. Graham Moore tells people to ‘Stay Weird” :
  8. Tegan and Sara sing Everything is Awesome:
  9. Neil Patrick Harris wore underwear to spoof Birdman:
  10. Neil Patrick Harris does a magic trick! :

When I did this with my class, I found that students needed varying degrees of support. Some needed a field of three to choose the appropriate answer. Others did fine choosing the answers out of the whole field. Still others needed to be shown the correct answers and they then determined the correct category: who or what.I needed to remind assistants not to sort the icons into Who vs. What on the table when assisting, since that distinction is part of the task for the student.

I hope you enjoy it! Have fun!

Finished Product: oscars answers